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Nowadays, Google Material Design is getting more trendy topic in our developers and designers industries, With the help of Material Design you can change and modify both website and mobile applications and can change them into lovely and outwardly shocking look. Material Design gives number of components and a style manual for designer which guide them to make some truly quality and delightful graphics.

Today we have collection of Best Frameworks For Google Material Design for designers and developers, which will allow them to create beautiful and innovative web applications.

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LumX Front End Framework

The first responsive front-end framework based on AngularJS & Google Material Design specifications.LumX will help you to design beautiful applications, faster and easier. They have built it based on google guidelines, respecting metrics in a pixel perfect way.Built with Sass, Bourbon and Neat, you’ll be able to quickly customize your application design.Even, your Sass and Javascript files will be automatically optimized with Gulp to improve your application performance.

LumX Front End Framework


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Material UI

material ui A Set of React Components that Implement Google’s Material Design.Material-UI came about from our love of React and Google’s Material Design. Material-UI is available as an npm package. Use browserify and reactify for dependency management and JSX transformation. The CSS framework is written in Less, so you’ll need to compile that as well.


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MUI is a lightweight HTML/CSS/JS framework that follows Google’s Material Design guidelines.MUI has a small download size to help pages load as quickly as possible.The MUI package includes all the necessary code to use MUI components on the web and over email. In addition, we’re working on React and Web Components libraries to give developers more flexibility on the web.

The MUI CSS can be easily customized by using the SASS files available on GitHub and via Bower. Customize breakpoints, font-settings and use Material Design colors.


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Leaf CSS framework

A CSS framework based on Google’s material design.


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Materialize Responsive Front End Framework

A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.Materialize simplifies life for developers and the users they serve. They did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide default stylings that incorporate your custom components. Additionally, they refined animations and transitions to provide a smoother experience for developers.


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Material Framework

Material Framework is a simple responsive CSS framework made by Tim Nguyen that allows you to integrate Material Design in any web page or web app.st include material.css on any web page/ web app. You can also get a minified version by runninggrunt dist, the minified code will appear in the dist folder.


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HTML5 UI design based on Google Material.

Google Material Design

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Framaterial Framework

Framaterial is an open-source framework that allows you to create projects with the material design elements and rules It’s composed of many components and javascript functions to make it easy to use directly out of the box With Framaterial, you’ll be able to create single page apps & websites, to complex apps & websites, without the help of any thirs pary libraries, frameworks or plugins. It’s have been thought to make its integration easy for everyone, with a logic and semantic structure


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Essence Material Design Framework

Essence is a CSS framework that implements the guidelines from Google Material Design Specification using Facebook’s react.js library. Use it to easily build super-fast and great looking web & mobile interfaces.

Essence Material Design Framework

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Materialize Metor

A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design


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Material CSS

Material CSS A lightweight framework based on Google’s Material Design.Material CSS uses attributes to define styles for ease & simplicity.


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Materialize Pixelyze

Materialize, a CSS Framework based on material design.


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Chrome Angular MD Template

This is a generic app framework built on angular and cordova that can run as a standalone webpage, a chrome extension, an android app, or an ios app. It uses material-design elements for basic application scaffolding


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Materialstrap HTML and CSS Framework

Materialstrap is a HTML and CSS framework written from scratch built on the principles of Bootstrap but with the modern and sleek Material Design style. Get a modern, beautiful website up in seconds! Compatible with both desktop and touch devices, we think you will love Materialstrap.


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Material Foundation

Material Design version of Foudation Framework by Zurb.


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